3D Microblading & Permanent Make-up


3D Microblading Hair Strokes – $500
(This is a crafting/artistic technique which creates hair strokes that will fill to your desired eyebrows shape and enhance your overall appearance – Allow up to 2 hours)


BEST SELLER: Excelsior “WOW” Ombre Brow – $750
(Partial Microblading where needed to create perfect natural hair strokes appearance while the powder application will create the ombre effect and sharp unique appearance accordingly – Allow up to 2.5 hours)


Microblading Hair Strokes & Manual Shading – $600
(Provides a fuller look by applying manual partial shading to the body or front part of the eyebrows to enhance the fuller look of the eyebrows – Allow up to 2.5 hours)


Powder Brow – $375
(Powder brow is using our standard machine to penetrate deeper into our dermis to provide a sharper and longer-lasting permanent makeup application – Allow up to 2 hours)

Powder Shading Ombre $450
(Provides a perfect natural ombre using the newest powder technique and pigmentation – Allow up to 2 hours)


Manual Shading only – $375
(Provides a fuller look by applying manual partial shading to the body or front part of the eyebrows


Lip Enhancement – $475
(Due to the anatomy of the lips and the healing process, lip pigmentation results may vary and may require touch-ups. Each additional touch-up is $150)


Eyeliner/Both Eyeliners – $250 / $450


*Prices includes your consultation, first session and a ONE-TIME touch up at approximately 5-7 weeks post service. Any touch up past 7 weeks, there will be a charge of $150. Any touch up that is longer than 10 weeks may require a new session to color boosting the application. Color Boost service and additional touch up services will require consultation with one of our permanent make up experts. ​​​​​​​​​

48 hours cancellation policy. No-show for the touch-up session will not be rescheduled.​ It will cost an additional $150 for each touch up session​

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