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11/5/2012 2:48:00 PM

Planning my winter escape

By Natalie Hagemo
Original Article on Lakeshore Weekly News

As the winds of fall swirl around me I find myself contemplating our inevitable winter with dread. Aside from the holidays, I’m not a fan of winter. I don’t ski, snowboard, ice skate or do any type of outdoor winter activity. This leaves me feeling somewhat left out of what others consider winter fun.

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Sure, I could always join in on any of these outdoor winter activities that my friends partake in, but I’m from Hawaii. I find being out in the cold to be unnatural. Recently I started looking around town for things that I can do with my friends, while remaining warm and comfortable, to keep my spirits up during the coming colder days.

The newly opened Excelsior Nails and Spa may just be the respite from winter that I need. To refer to it as a mere nail salon would be like referring to the Mona Lisa as just a painting. When I first walked into the spa I was taken aback by just how beautiful it was.

Excelsior Nails and Spa is located next to Dunn Bros at 21 Water St. in Excelsior. From the inviting fireplaces to the posh seating, the details given to comfort were obvious. What immediately caught my eye was the VIP room. This is a room with six pedicure stations, but not like any you have ever seen, along with multiple manicure stations. There is a large stone fireplace, a flat screen TV, plus they are able to plug your iPod into the wall to play the music of your choice.

The VIP room can be reserved for private parties, and is also available to customers who avail themselves of their VIP services. I, of course, had to book a private party. After some subtle arm twisting I convinced five of my closest friends to join me on a Sunday afternoon to experience the spa’s signature “Wake me up when it’s done” pedicure.

We brought in beverages and snacks for our party and plugged in an iPod full of ’80s music to play throughout our pampering. From the sugar scrub to the mud mask, each step was out of this world. I was finally able to experience a paraffin dip with my feet. I’ve had my hands done but never my feet. It was heavenly.

Just when you thought you couldn’t take much more pleasure and your eyes had rolled into the back of your head, they whipped out the hot stones for a hot stone massage of our legs and feet. Each of my friends agreed that it was by far the best pedicure any of us had ever experienced, in the most beautiful environment. Additionally the staff waited on us hand and foot, refilling our glasses and refreshing our snacks.

The regular pedicure room has 15 pedicure stations and there are more than enough manicure stations to go around. As a bonus they also offer a variety of massage services and are open seven days a week.

My friends and I decided that we would make our pedicure party a monthly event throughout the winter. It’s a time where we can gather, escape the cold, catch up, get pampered and have pretty feet throughout our harsh winter.

During the month of November Excelsior Nails and Spa is offering 25 percent off their services. Treat yourself and your friends to a little pampering. They also offer kids parties, but I say leave the kids at home and take some girlfriends instead.

While some may choose to spend the winter and this holiday season outside doing crazy things like ice fishing or cross country skiing, I’ll be in the VIP room next to the fireplace sipping an eggnog latte while trying out each and every one of their different types of foot scrubs. For more information visit www.excelsiornailspa.com

Wonderful facial, best I have ever had! Great shoulder and arm massage! Really felt like Lisa knew what she was doing! I will be back.

The staff were great!! Very helpful and friendly! The salon was beautiful and relaxing. Heidi, the esthetician was ahhh-mazing!!! I will go back in a heartbeat! The signature facial was wonderful!!

Awesome team for a massage and a facial. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a massage so relaxing.

I had a wonderful by Heidi. Highly recommend her!

Really relaxing facial. They ate always so professional & friendly. Will return here many times!

Rachel gave an awesome facial!

I was so impressed with the Spa and everyone working there. I came home so relaxed I wanted to take a nap. I would go back.

Excellent experience! I am very impressed with it all

Both the facial and the massage were incredible. I will definitely go back in the future.

i loved both the facial and the massage. i can recommend the spa, thanks

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